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It’s easy, when we’re bombarded incessantly with bad writing that mainly promotes nazis, grifters, and grifting nazis, to forget that the internet is still home to a lot of badass writing. It used to be home to even more badass writing. When online litmags shut down, sometimes their websites, and the work published therein, shut down, too. The goal of Derelict Lit is to bring some of that lost work back. Every story and poem published on this website has been published before in a now defunct litmag. Enjoy or whatever.

Malarkey Books has teamed up with Mythic Picnic to publish our first magazine. Derelict Vol. 1 is $2 for the PDF, $5 for the print magazine, and profits go to Vol. 1 features stories and poems by Joey Poole, Emma Sloley, Jenna Vélez, C.C. Russell, Jacquelyn Bengfort, and Benjamin Smith.


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Derelict Lit is curated by Alan Good and published by Malarkey Books. From time to time we will publish a Derelict zine. The first one is in the works and proceeds will be donated to, a nonprofit that works to combat climate change.

If you have previously published writing that has disappeared from the web, feel free send an email to